domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Sin ganas de NADA.

Encontré, en algún lugar, una carta a alguien, que realmente me hace sentir identificada. 
Está en inglés, si no saben inglés, existe traductor, y sino, jódanse, no tengo ganas de traducirlo. 
Acá va:

Dear almost lover,
Im sitting alone in a room and all I can thinkin of is you. You made me laugh, you made me cry, now you left, why?
No text messages,chats,calls. I guess you found an other toy, but boy, tell me, how you can change your feelings so fast, its a blast!
Im done waitin for a sign, so she can call you “oh he’s mine”. Go for it, good luck, you sucky cock! You replaced me with a Stefanie, well thats okey, I guess she’s everything you dont see in me,whatever take her heart, heres the key. Love the way you lie was our song, now Im writting another ending-part. Im not louise lane, your not superman, so Im goin a head. You hurt me twice, stupid me for even thinkin this could me the perfect time to make you and me to a us.
boy, now theres is nothing left to say. congrats you made it. I hope there is some truth in the words, “what goes around comes back around”. Fuckinstupidasswholeliar!
— me

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